Standing Committees

The association leverages on expertise and industry know-how of its members through five standing committees i.e.

  1. Communications & Public Relations: This committee is mandated to enable KAPI to engage with the relevant healthcare stakeholders in a coherent and responsive manner presenting accurate information and building sound relationships between KAPI, its collaborators and stakeholders. It’s also responsible for shaping public discourse in line with the mandate of the association.
  2. Trade, Policy & Regulation: This committee is responsible for engagements with the relevant stakeholders on policy, trade & regulatory matters in a timely and responsive manner and enables the association keep abreast with the dynamic changes on policy and trade as they occur.
  3. Compliance, Legal and Governance: This committee is mandated to enable KAPI drive the promotion and embedding of ethical principles and practices in the pharmaceutical industry in Kenya in accordance with the KAPI CODE OF PRACTICE and the IFPMA guidance on good business practices.
  4. Pharmacovigilance & Medical Affairs: The committee is mandated to enable KAPI engage with relevant stakeholders in championing for quality care and patient safety. This is focused on the establishment of responsive pharmacovigilance systems and quality control measures to uphold the quality of medicines, healthcare products and technologies for the realization of positive treatment outcomes for all.
  5. Medical Devices & Technologies: The committee is mandated to guide the strategic direction and work of the association in streamlining business practices within the medical devices and healthcare technologies to ensure regulatory provisions are pro-business while factoring public health needs in the overall discourse.