KAPI Code of Practice 2016

International media focus on promotion practices has resulted in increased scrutiny of the practice world over on the operations of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices industry. Enactment of anti- corruption and anti-bribery laws that have a wider jurisdiction of enforcement, in the United states, United Kingdom amongst other countries have highlighted the need to transparency in operation across many countries. Kenya has also enacted anti-corruption laws that have created the need for more transparency and accountability in interactions with healthcare professionals and the public.

The formation of the East African community and the subsequent harmonization in Regulatory requirements have also highlighted the need for the Industry to develop this code that we believe will go a long way building trust with our key stakeholders, Healthcare professionals and Patients, which are key providing access to our products and the promotion of engagements that will build capacity and increase access to more of markets within the region.

In recent times, corruption and bribery has been become a major area of focus for the government and the public in almost all sectors of the economy. With the the market becoming more liberalized and even more competitive due to an increase in players, the focus on corruption and bribery activities increases.

These factors have escalated the need to develop a code of practice, which we believe will provide for KAPI to distinguish itself from other players within the industry and offer competitive advantage to KAPI members.. This code is being launched initially as a self-regulation code. For KAPI members but we will be working towards the adoption of the code as a Country code, for implementation across all players within the Pharmaceutical sector and eventually within the East African Region.

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